Hatching Eggs

2024 Spring Hatching Eggs are Now Available! 
Limited Availability for Hatching Eggs! 
Hatching Eggs ordered now are for 2024 Spring Shipping ONLY!
Hatching Egg orders are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.
We ship our eggs double boxed in our customized Foam shippers to minimize poor handling. Please include your preferred ship date in the notes section of your order. If you leave the notes section blank eggs will be shipped out once the order is available and filled. Eggs and chick orders ship out Monday-Wednesdays. If we are not able to ship out your order for the date you desired we will reach out to schedule the next available option. Once shipped, the eggs typically arrive in 1-3 business days.

There are no guarantees on hatching eggs. Please buy only if you are willing to risk that they may not hatch. Your eggs can be rendered infertile due to x-rays, be damaged during shipping or transport, or be subject to temperature extremes. These are issues beyond our control and are an inherent risk of mailed hatching eggs. Per our policy we do not issue refunds or cancelations on orders placed. If we are not able to fulfil the order within the shipping year we will refund you only under those circumstances. You agree to these terms and conditions at checkout when placing an order through us.