Call Ducks

One of our favorite waterfowl breeds on the Farm! Call Ducklings! They are small and absolutely adorable! We currently are offering hatching eggs from our white, snowy call ducks. Call ducks are not great layers so we do only offer the half dozen (6 eggs) option to order! Eggs are off white, grey, green or blueish in color. 
Call Ducks were developed in the mid-1800s in Great Britain supposedly from old Dutch lines of Coy or Decoy Ducks. The small size was bred into them so they could lure larger wild ducks into funnel traps and then be able to fit through the trap exit hole and escape the trap, leaving the larger ducks inside. They were bred for their calling. Their call is very high pitched, carries well over long distances, luring wild ducks to get within range of hunters. The original Call Duck lines were made up of hard-working birds with strong working abilities. In the 1900s the rules and popularity of hunting were in a state of change, and Call Ducks were becoming rarer and rarer. However, around the middle of the 20th century, interest in Call Ducks was revived, and today they are one of the most popular breeds of duck for exhibition and show.