Heritage Turkeys

There is a 6 chick minimum to ship turkeys. Turkey poults cannot be combined with chick orders.
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The Blue Slate turkey is a rare breed of turkey of The Slate, or Blue Slate, variety is named for its color, which is solid to ashy blue over the entire body. They may also have a few black flecks. It’s also called the Blue or Lavender turkey, with hens being lighter in hue than toms. The head, throat, and wattles are red to bluish-white. Their beak is horn in color, their eyes are brown, and their beard is black. The shanks and toes are pink.
 The Blue Slate Turkey is a rare, Heritage breed fowl and a very old breed — recognized as a standard breed in the U.S. in 1874. These beautiful birds are medium-sized. Young toms will average 23 lbs., and young hens will average 14 lbs.