Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Local Pickup is in Del Rio, Tennessee. We can meet within a reasonable distance as well. Please contact us to purchase any of the goats you may be interested in. We accept Paypal (Friends and Family), Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, and CASH for payment. You may purchase directly on the website as well as pay in installments through our website.  Kids will typically be disbudded prior to leaving to their new homes unless preferred otherwise.
 We test our herd annually for CAE and any new addition for CAE, CL and Johnes. All of our kids leave the farm CDT vaccinated and dewormed.

A non-refundable $100 deposit or 50% of the total cost of the goat will hold the goat of your choice till they are ready for pickup. If after finalizing the purchase or reservation for a goat, a customer chooses to switch to a different goat, we reserve the right to charge, at our discretion a remarketing fee of 10% from the original goat cost, since we took it off the market and invested in its care. There are absolutely no refunds on livestock as per our cancelation and refund policy. All monies received are nonrefundable. If you are not able to pickup the animal by the agreed upon date we will give you 35 days to pickup your goat. After the 35 days you will be charged $4.00 per day for feed and housing. If you are unable to pickup your reserved goat within 50 days of the agreed upon date, you then forfeit all money paid towards the goat as well as the goat itself. 

All goats are guaranteed to being healthy upon leaving our property. Since we cannot control many factors or stress that may occur as a result of transport, or the animal's environment or management once it leaves our farm, we cannot offer further guarantees. Due to biosecurity concerns, we will not generally accept an animal back on the farm once it has left. You are always welcome to reach out with any questions or assistance.

Our goat kids are dam raised while also being subjected to constant human interaction. Our kids are very friendly and affectionate towards us. This has worked for us and we see no difference in one of our bottle raised babies or dam raised babies, Dam raised babies are typically healthier than bottle babies from our experience and other breeders experiences. This works for us. That being said occasionally we will have bottle babies if certain circumstances take place. Those bottle babies can then go to experienced Goat owners.