Sebastopol Geese Hatching Eggs (Price per Egg)

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Please understand that Sebastopol Geese are more difficult to incubate and hatch than other water fowl. Shipping can be hard on the embryo and may affect the hatch rate. Please understand this before purchasing any eggs from us.
Unfortunately, Sebastopol geese lay about 13 to 20 eggs per year, have a fertility rate of about 45%- 60%, and not all will be good broody mothers compared to other waterfowl. All of these factors make to where you get an average of 7-12 hatchlings each year per female. This difficulty in production is one of the reasons why the Sebastopol is considered a threatened species and is a lot more expensive to produce.
Sebastopol are probably our most unique appearing goose. You would think that a bird such as this would have been bred fairly recently but actually they have been around for hundreds of years. Their origin is thought to be from the countries surrounding the Black Sea, Hungary and the Balkans. They were known early on in England and Ireland as Danubian. How they got the name Sebastopol is a mystery other than some of the first birds may have been imported from the port of Sebastopol. Sebastopol's are hardy birds and are being raised successfully in both cold climates and warm climates. Clean water for swimming and bathing should always be made available and shelter or protection provided during wet, cold, and windy weather. Their loose fitting feathers do not provide as much warmth, nor do they shed water as well as other domestic breeds of geese. Sebastopol Geese can live up to 25 years of age when well cared for.