Speckled Hatching Eggs

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Everyone loves speckled eggs! Each egg is a one-of-a-kind creation, with speckles caused by natural variations in the hen's reproductive process these speckles are created when the egg moves through the hen's oviduct before being laid, creating an uneven pigment distribution on the egg. Some Eggs will have heavier speckling than others. 
There is no guarantee that the offspring will lay speckles. However this is a 5th generation cross with results that point towards offspring primarily laying speckled eggs. Some hens lay speckled eggs daily while others lay speckled eggs multiple times a week but not daily. 
Eggs will be a mix of Green, Olive and Brown.
Chicks from these eggs could have feathered feet, straight or walnut combs, show fibro expression, be blue, black or splash, have muffs or beards, this is a large fowl breed. 
Some of the eggs in the speckled assortment could also come from our heavier speckled blue and black Marans project pens. These would be 3rd and 4th generations of Marans that lay consistently speckled eggs instead of the dark chocolate uniform eggs.