Serama Bantam Pair

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WE DO NOT SHIP DAY OLD SERAMA CHICKS. These will be 5-7 month old Serama pairs! 

Please contact us through our Facebook page or Contact page through our website for. We ship in pairs only, you will receive one cockerel and one pullet. We breed Malaysian Serama- This variety includes possible silkied, frizzled, and satin feathered Serama. Serama chicks are super tiny and fragile, they dehydrate so rapidly, that they have difficulty surviving shipment. Seramas are true bantams (meaning they have no larger counterpart), and are the smallest of all chicken breeds. They originated in Malaysia, where they were named after King Rama. Seramas are noted for their multi-color plumage — they can be any color normally found in chickens — and for their docile, friendly temperament. Distinctive features include a single comb, droopy wing feathers, and a full tail that sometimes reaches so far over the back that it touches the head. The original Malaysian Seramas (also known as Ayam Seramas) are classified into three (or sometimes four) groups according to weight, ranging from a high of 600 grams (21.16 ounces) down to 170 grams (6 ounces). Malaysian Seramas do not breed true to color a cock and hen of similar color won’t necessarily produce chicks of the same color. We focus on breeding American Seramas. In the US weight has been standardized as- Rooster 16 ounces, hen 14 ounces, cockerel 14 ounces, pullet 12 ounces. Plumage colors are also being standardized.