Random Chick Assortment (Order Filler)

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Our Random Chick Assortment option was added to help customers meet our shipping minimum of 10 chicks or get a nice variety at a discounted price. These could be any of our extras that hatch out. You will get an assortment of breeds but they are discounted since it is up to us to pick out your assortment. Your shipment will include a list with the possible breeds included in your order as well.
All chicks are sold as straight run only. Chicks are sent out the day of hatch. The chicks will come included with Gro-gel and heat packs (Depending on time of the year and where they are being shipped) to ensure they stay hydrated and warm during their trip. Chicks are sent Express through USPS and typically take 1-2 days to arrive. From February to June we have a chick shipping minimum of 10 chicks to ensure that chicks stay warm enough during transit. During the hotter Summer months, July- mid September, we drop the minimum to 6 chicks. During the Fall months mid September-November our minimum goes back up to 10 chicks. Shipping is a flat rate of $60 per box. This includes the cost of shipment, shipping box, Gro-gel and heat packs for the chicks. 1 box holds up to 25 chicks. An order over 25 chicks will require a second shipping cost.