Fibro Egger Hatching Eggs

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The Fibro Egger is a Hybrid Cross we've developed over the years. This chicken belongs to a unique group with Fibromelanosis (hyper melanin or hyperpigmentation) and will present with dark feathering, skin, or features.

Fibro Melanistic is a genetic mutation that causes the chicken to have increased melanin. The degree of black with Fibro Eggers will vary as will secondary colors but the skin, legs, and lobes will all be black or slate colored. If the birds has only one copy of Fibro the comb and other features may be red. They'll lay 4-5 eggs per week and the eggs will range from light blue to green and even dark olive to turquoise blue and occasionally rose or brown. Fibro Egger offspring may lay eggs that are green, blue-green tinted, brown or pink bloomed, blue and Olive with speckling. Lots of fibros will be heavy on the speckles. We have developed this breed from testing our Ayam Cemani for the double fibro gene. Offspring may not breed true as they are considered unstable at this stage and still a work in progress. Feathering is predominately, black, white, blue, and splash. They are great foragers and do great in free ranging environments. A beautiful fun breed for Any flock!