Double Laced Silver Barnevelder Hatching Eggs

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One of the prettiest feather plumage of all chicken breeds, as well as almost an impossible color to find. Our MBH Lines have helped start many breeding programs in the US over the years.
Barnevelder chickens were developed as a dual purpose breed in Holland over 200 years ago. Created by crossing Dutch chicken breeds with Asian chicken breeds known as Shanghai chickens in the town of Barneveld. Some of the known breeds used to create the Barnevelder 200 years ago were Brahma, Cochin, Croad Langshan and possibly Wyandotte and Buff Orpington. The Barnevelder chicken was created for hardiness, good egg production of brown, cream speckled and pink tinted eggs, as well as Winter egg production. More than a dozen Barnevelder varieties were created and recognized but the Silver Double Laced Barnevelder is known to be the rarest color.