Surprise Box of 10 Chicks

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1 Box limit per customer.
This assorted 10 chick bundle is a variety of day old chicks that we offer here at Mockingbird Homestead. This can be a great starter box, or an opportunity to get some of our more rare breeds.

This box may include but does not guarantee the following breeds:

Ayam Cemani, Ameraucana, Silkies, Chocolate, Black and, Lavender English Orpington's, Multigenerational Olive Eggers, Blue or Black Copper Marans, Frizzled Olive Eggers  Silverudds Blue (Isbar), Splash Polish, Fibro Eggers, Double Laced Silver Barnevelders, Splash Polish. 



From March till May orders have a shipping minimum of 8 chicks to ensure that chicks stay warm enough during transit. During the warmer months from June-August we drop the minimum to 4 chicks. For Local Pickup the minimum is 2 chicks per order.  
Please add in the Note Section of your order when you would prefer to have your order shipped if there is a preference. Please reach out to us before placing your order to see estimated wait times if you are wanting chicks as soon as possible as orders are filled in the order of which they were placed with wait times ranging from 3-9 months. We DO NOT guarantee your ship week. We are not able to bump your order up on the waitlist and skip other orders. Please reach out to us shortly after placing your order if there are any dates that you will NOT be available to accept your order in case a delay is needed. We set eggs specifically for for pre orders. We do NOT have chicks readily available to ship out daily. 

Mockingbird Homestead has an official policy that we DO NOT issue refunds or cancellations on orders placed unless we are unable to complete an order within the selected 2024 shipping year. You agree to these terms and conditions at checkout when placing an order through us. Be prepared for a wait of anywhere between 3-9 month from your ordering date. 

You are notified via a tracking email of your chicks shipping 1-3 days before they ship out. Chicks are then sent the day of hatch (typically Mondays-Tuesdays). Chicks are packed with Gro-gel and 90 hour heat packs to ensure they stay hydrated and warm during their trip and in case of any delays. Chicks are sent Express only through USPS and typically take 1-2 days to arrive. Once chicks arrive to your local post office you will be receiving a call via the phone number you provide with your order to come pickup your chicks. Shipping is a flat rate of $65 per box. This includes the cost of shipment, shipping box, Gro-gel and heat packs for the chicks. 1 box holds up to 25 chicks. Any order over 25 chicks will require a second shipping box.

We are NPIP & AI Tested