Coop Ready Poultry

Explore our selection of our Coop Ready Chickens, Here we offer Juveniles and adult grow-out pairs and trios. These sought-after options are exclusively available during Fall and Early Spring-seasonal periods, ensuring optimal shipment conditions during the cooler months. We ship Coop Ready birds through USPS Priority Express 1 Day only, available at a flat rate of $100 for pairs and trios. Keep in mind shipping can take up to 3 days depending on where you are located. Each Box will contain Gro-Gel and food supplement as well as cucumbers to keep the birds hydrated and fed. Heat packs may be used if birds are being shipped in lower temperatures. Certain breeds can only be shipped 1 bird at a time due to their weight or size of the USPS approved box. Please reach out with any questions prior to placing your order for coop ready birds. 

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